FLAIM Trainer™ is a firefighter training simulator which provides and immersive virtual reality environment combined with a patented haptics feedback system, breathing apparatus and heated personal protective clothing, to provide a unique training experience not yet replicated.

FLAIM Trainer™ is a safe low cost, mobile and distributed solution that can simulate a range of fire events and conditions for training firefighters.

FLAIM Trainer ™ provides firefighters the capacity to train situations and scenarios that are:

  • Inherently unsafe and difficult to reproduce;
  • No longer possible due to environmental, community and regulatory constraints;
  • Incur significant training cost in time, people and assets.


Virtual Reality Firefighting trainer demonstration

FLAIM Trainer ™ can be easily integrated into a broader training program for firefighters, complementing and extending the current training systems.

The base capabilities available in FLAIM Trainer ™ will include basic scenario and skills across,  hose use, kitchen fire, gas cooling,  foam coverage and vehicle fire.

Using the augmented reality capability of FLAIM Trainer ™ existing training grounds, environments and equipment can continue to be utilised fuel free.

Introducing FLAIM Trainer™

FLAIM Trainer™ provides fire services, training schools and training provider’s with the next generations training solutions for every fire fighter.

Train More.
FLAIM Trainer™ provides these capabilities with training scenarios out of the box and the capacity to build scenarios specific to your individual need. Experience training scenarios that due to safety, resource, environmental and other constraints are not otherwise possible. Because FLAIM Trainer™ is highly configurable and mobile it means you can train more, more often.

Train Better.
Get more form your existing training systems. FLAIM Trainer™ compliments your existing training props, tool and grounds allowing you to expand and increase the effectiveness of training. Used FLAIM Trainer™ to identity strengths and areas requiring further development within your team to ensure your workforce is as best prepared as possible.

Train Anywhere.
FLAIM Trainer™ is compact and easy to setup and train. FLAIM Trainer™ is ready to travel by air, road and sea making it easier to quickly conduct training anywhere and anytime, all you need is some space.

FLAIM Trainer™ can also help you build connections to the community and identify your next firefighters. Use FLAIM Trainer™ to engage the community allowing them to experience being a firefighter in a range of scenarios, helping drive your community messaging. Apply FLAIM Trainer™ as one of your recruitment and selection tools. FLAIM Trainer ™ can help potential candidates experience the role of a firefighter using scenarios to test their aptitude, attitude and appetite.
We think FLAIM Trainer™ allows you to spend less on training firefighters and yet still train more, train better, train anywhere, and reach the community and future firefighters.
The FLAIM Trainer™ team can help you investigate, validate and evaluate your approach to training using FLAIM Trainer™. We can work with you to conduct site demonstrations and workshops, and provide advice and information to help you develop your business case. Speak to our team about arranging a detailed proposal and quote for the introduction of
FLAIM Trainer™ into your organisation.