Stripelight FRT Right Angle Flashlight

Worlds first
hybrid flashlight

The Stripelight FRT Right Angle Flashlight.
Focussing on Safety, Emergency & Rescue sector. First Responders.


Made of glass-fiber infused Nylon for high impact, anti-static, non-conductive, and high heat for exceptional durability and use in difficult locations. All openings are gasket sealed for deep water submersion. Spring loaded clip with attached ring attaches to lapel, belts, and harnesses while ensuring forward facing light. Provided in international safety yellow/lime.


Intrinsically safe handheld battery operated right angle duel-light flashlight design for use with protective gear in hazardous locations. Light sources consist of high-power smoke piercing white LED with optimized beam and blue LDG Stripe line 450nm wavelength Laser. It features a bezel switch for heavy gloves or hands-free light selection, wireless charging to eliminate electrical leads, lapel fixing clip and equipment hanger. LDG Stripe smoke flow viewing, demarcation of objects and holes, and line-of-sight signaling. Plus, a long-term storage feature for battery charge.


Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Industrial Safety, Public Works & Utilities, Marine, Military


Height: 8.00 in. (203.2 mm) Width: 3.5 in. (88.9 mm)

Diameter: 2.50 in. (63.5 mm)

Height in charger: 9.50 in. (241.3 mm)

Grip area: Height 4.00 in. (101.6 mm) Width: 2.25 in. (57.2 mm) Thickness:

1.5 in. (38.1 mm)


18.38 oz (521 grams)


Polycarbonate supported assembled in glass-fiber infused Nylon heavy duty

rotating bezel.


White LED, stronghold protected with a 50,000 hour lifetime
LDG Stripe, Blue 450nm Laser with a 50,000 hour lifetime


See table. LDG (Laser Diffraction Grating) for patented stripe line.


Ergonomic designed magnetic inductive bezel switch mechanism for
intrinsically safe switching between light sources.


See table. All claims within 10%. White LED: 8 hrs continuous Blue LDG: 15
hrs continuous


Industrial rechargeable Lithium 7.4 volt, 2.6 amp hour, can be recharged up to
1,200 times.


2 hour charger provided with adapters for US, EU, and UK input power 100V,
120V, 230V, 240V.


On-board computer for light, power, and battery management.
LDG Stripe (Laser Stripe Line)
Duel-light source
Hands-Free bezel switching between lights
Hibernation charge feature up to 1 year
Optimized LED beam
IP67 rated protection against immersion in water
2 meter impact resistance tested
Charger mounts in any direction including on ceiling
Serialized for GMP