The Genfo Bushfire Fighting Knapsack is designed to assist the user in combating an approaching fire or to control burnoff.

The double action pump results in water being sprayed during the inward and outward stoke creating greater efficiency.

Manufactured from reinforced canvas and synthetic yarns and designed with a double reinforced bottom, inner breakwater division and flexible thermo welded water tank.

• Reaches straight stream to 8m, Fog to 3m
• Holds up to 18Ltr water
• 2 Stroke Pump Action
• Pistol Grip
• Flow: 120cc/stroke
• Inlet: 100mm Diameter
• Piston Pump Nozzle with screen on suction inlet
• Adjustable Nozzle (Jet Fog)
• Central Hand and Shoulder Strap
• Dimensions: 490mm x 650mm
• Colour: Yellow