RANGER 800 Australian Fire Hose

The Proven Percolating Hose

The RANGER 800 Fire Hose has a unique lining of compounded rubber latex to significantly increase the life of Ranger Hose and still maintain the self-protecting features of percolation. Available in diameters from 25mm, 38mm & 65mm with lengths up to 30 metres.

The RANGER 800 complies with AS2792 Class “H”, designed to withstand exceptionally high pressure while maintaining the self-protecting features of percolation.

The RANGER 800 has a burst pressure of 5250kPa and a working pressure of 2100kPa having an all synthetic jacket, the Ranger 800 is unaffected by mildew and will retain its strength and durability under all climatic conditions.


25mm Fire Hose

38mm Fire Hose

64mm Fire Hose



Diameter: 25mm (1”), 38mm (1.5”) and 65mm (2.56”)
Length: This hose is available in any length up to 30m
Jacket: 100% Polyester
Lining: Rubber Latex
Lining Adhesion: Lining material cannot be separated from the jacket.
Working Pressure: 2100kPa – 300PSI
Proof Pressure: 3150kPa – 450PSI
Burst Pressure: 5250kPa – 750PSI
Friction Loss: At 345kPa
25mm: At 1.5l/s, (6.6kPa/m)
38mm: At 3 l/s (2.4kPa/m)
65mm: At 7.5 l/s (1.5kPa/m)
Elongation: At 70kPa – 1200kPa
25mm: 3.8% Length, 3.4% Circumference
38mm: 5.71% Length, 2.31% Circumference
65mm: 6.0% Length, 2.7% Circumference
Circumference Increase: 70kPa – 1200kPa (2.25%)
Percolation: At 700kPa
25mm: 6th to 10th min (225ml), 15th to 19th min (120ml)
38mm: 6th to 10th min (140ml), 15th to 19th min (150ml)
65mm: 6th to 10th min (580ml), 15th to 19th min (370ml)
Coil Weight: Per 30m
25mm: Undyed (3.5kg), 25mm: Dyed (3.6kg)
38mm: Undyed (5.85kg), 25mm: Dyed (6.05kg)
65mm: Undyed (10.05kg), 25mm: Dyed (10.75kg)
Coil Diameter: Per 30m
25mm (350mm), 38mm (370mm), 65mm (420mm)
Abrasion Test: Passed Australian Standard AS2792-1992.
Repairability For maximum performance after repair it is recommended that ‘SPOT ON’ repair materials are used.
External vulcanised patch will allow maximum working pressure to be maintained.