Designation: Flammenstar-G (G for rubberized)

Construction: layflat hose, Polyester jacket (high tenacity), circular woven, twill weave

Inside lining: 100% EPDM-rubber (Ethylen-Propylen-Dien caoutchouc makes the hose resistant against moisture high thermical stress and against chemical infuences)

Color/Marking: signal orange

Outer lining: PU/PVC outside coating with ribs

Characteristics: Very high abrasion resistance, good visibility through signal color, resistant against most chemical influences, easy to clean

Applications: High-pressure-fire-hose for pumps and vehicles, top class fire hose for maximum requirements

Stabilo Star Super


Designation: Stabilo-Star-G Super (G for rubberised)

Construction: Semi-rigid hose, Polyester (high tenacity), circular woven, twill weave, weft yarn made of PESmonofile

Inside lining: 100% EPDM-rubber (Ethylen-Propylen-Dien caoutchouc makes the hose resistant against moisture high thermical stress and against chemical infuences)

Color/Marking: Signal orange

Outer lining: PU/PVC outside coating smooth

Characteristics: Semi-rigid hose with small diameter of rolls, very high abrasion resistance, light-weight and flexible, resistant against rotting and aging, good visibility through signal color, easy to clean

Applications: High-pressure-hose for pumps and fire-vehicles

30 years of research, development and experience
combined with the most up to date equipment and
production technics make ARMTEX Fire Hose a good choice.

First class craftsmanship, a rigorous quality control of
raw materials and finished products make ARMTEX Fire Hose an
even better choice.

30.000.000 feet of Fire Hose in use by professional fire fighters throughout the world acknowledges the superior quality of
ARMTEX Fire Hose and make it your best choice.


Australian Standard AS 2792 ARMTEX is woven in modern circular looms producing a seamless 100% synthetic reinforcement forming a single body with the cover and inner lining of the hose. The synthetic rubber compound used in the result of long experience and research becomes intimately interlocked to the reinforcement, without the need of glues or adhesives of any use.


The special compound of the rubber cover and its profile protect the hose from damage by abrasion, hot metal
contact, puncture or impact.


ARMTEX is manufactured to resist a wide range of chemical products: oil, hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis, salt water, etc.


Outstanding performance at extreme temperatures -37°C (-35°F) + 50°C (122°F). Protected against ozone, ultraviolet
and atmospheric weather.


ARMTEX HD is superior to a double jacket constructions in kink and flow performance even at low pressures.


A quick wipe down is sufficient to remove dirt and grit. If necessary it can be jet washed and detergent to remove
chemicals etc.


No need to dry the hose. ARMTEX is mildew, rotproof and waterproof. Just clean and coil and the hose is ready for
service again.


ARMTEX is easily repaired when damaged by cuts or puncture. Our REPOKIT is quick and simple to use.



ARMTEX proven design products are carefully made by first class craftsmen and supported by a qualified technical
team. ARMTEX is made with premium raw materials which are carefully selected and tested. The final product
undergoes extensive control before being branded ARMTEX.
Under normal fire fighting conditions ARMTEX will offer full satisfaction and is covered.


Recoila has Australia and New Zealand’s largest selection of industrial spring retractable hose reels, hand crank reels, motor driven hose reels and custom made reels – Recoila has a model for any workplace application. With these fire hose reels with have every fire and emergency service covered from Urban Fire Brigade to Rural Fire Brigade’s we have the best fire hose reels for your fire appliances.


Hose reels are a simple workplace solution resulting in increased safety, improved efficiency and reduced accidents. See how ReCoila hose reels can be used in your workplace to create a safer and more productive environment.

 Recoila has been designing and engineering quality spring, manual and motor rewind hose reels for over 30 years. Learn more about why we’re Australia and New Zealand’s premier hose reel manufacturer.
Fire Brigades | Rural & Urban Fire Brigades | Mine Emergency Response Teams (ERT’s) | Industrial | Commercial

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ReCoila has a solid history with the emergency services in Australia, supplying quality fire hose reels to our firefighters for over 15 years.

Over that time, we’ve refined our standard range of fire fighting hose reels for maximum performance in the field, as well as continuing to develop new solutions in consultation with metro and rural fire service personnel.

One of our best selling fire hose reels for firefighting applications is the heavy duty T Series fire hose reel, available in a range of drive options and construction materials.

With unique features developed with longevity, strength and integrity in mind, ReCoila’s fire hose reels set the benchmark for fire hose reels, in metro and country areas both locally and internationally.

mine n resource



With safe work practices firmly on the radar for Australian mining companies, ReCoila can assist with hose management systems that keep workers safer, increase productivity and reduce costly downtime.

ReCoila manufactures hose reels for all types of applications related to mining, drilling, blasting, exploration, surveying, minerals processing and associated industries where strength, reliability and performance are paramount.

In particular, our heavy duty T and C Series hose reels are suitable for use with hose up to 1″ ID in standard configurations, with many customisable options including drive type, construction materials, swivel configurations and finishes.

  • Available for commonly used hose lengths including 20m, 30m and 60m (plus many more options)
  • Built to handle large diameter hoses
  • Available in ‘No Aluminium’ versions for underground applications




Poorly managed hoses and cables are a prime suspect when it comes to tripping hazards. Some of the most common causes of industrial injury are muscular stress (due to manual handling or repetitive movement) followed by falls, trips and slips.

Factories and workplaces use hoses and cables for all manner of applications, each one carrying potential safety hazards and risks such as:

  • Trips and falls due to stray hoses and cables
  • Ergonomic injury if heavy, awkward hoses need to be moved.
  • Leakage and consequently wet areas
  • Chemical injuries if chemicals are run through damaged hoses

Plus, hoses themselves when left on the floor can be weakened by environmental contaminants, cleaning chemicals, being run over by work vehicles, or being bent or coiled tighter than the hoses natural bend radius, and will ultimately fail as the structure of the hose is weakened.



TN_fire hose reels recoila-1


TN_C Series Cat


TN_Mining Minilogue

TN_T Series Cat

The Delta Hose Washer provides an easy means of cleaning all types of fire and
water hose. Two wide angle forward facing internal jets help to push the hose
through the drum cleaning as it passes through. Only normal mainline pressure is
required for fast, effective cleaning.
Fitted as standard with a 2″ BSP male threaded inlet for compatibility to any
International Adaptor.


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Fire & Rescue Services
Waste Recycling Sites
Defence Sectors
Oil & Gas
Marine Sectors


Fast Hose Cleaning
Suitable for all Hose Types
Sizes up to 110mm (4”)
2” BSP male Inlet
Suitable for any International Adaptors
Internal Jet Cleaning
Forward Hose Propulsion
Robust Construction


Since more than 20 years, firefighters all over the world use and love our hose roller series ROLLY. But many customers asked us for a hose roller with an adjustable hose guide and a hose-removal aid.

The patented ROLLY IV is able to wind layed out fire hoses on the ground easy, fast and in a very comfortable way. Fire hoses up to 75 mm (3″) diameter and max. length of 30 m (100 ft) can be winded in dutch style or single folded in approx. 10 seconds. The two non-pneumatic tires makes the ROLLY IV completely maintenance-free and always ready to use on the scene.


The magnetically adhering sleeve on the winding fork ensures effortless shedding of firm and center folded hoses. After the hose is winded, the new removing aid can be dropped off with the hose by lateral tilting of the ROLLY IV. The removing aid can be easily taken away from the winded hose and be placed back on the winding bracket.


The foldable support foot guarantees a fast and secure parking of the ROLLY IV at the scene. Due to the magnetic support foot, the ROLLY IV can be used quickly for winding center folded hoses and protect the ROLLY IV from damage. The support food of galvanized steel is held magnetically on the ROLLY IV and can be easily expanded by foot.


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The Genfo Bushfire Fighting Knapsack is designed to assist the user in combating an approaching fire or to control burnoff.

The double action pump results in water being sprayed during the inward and outward stoke creating greater efficiency.

Manufactured from reinforced canvas and synthetic yarns and designed with a double reinforced bottom, inner breakwater division and flexible thermo welded water tank.

• Reaches straight stream to 8m, Fog to 3m
• Holds up to 18Ltr water
• 2 Stroke Pump Action
• Pistol Grip
• Flow: 120cc/stroke
• Inlet: 100mm Diameter
• Piston Pump Nozzle with screen on suction inlet
• Adjustable Nozzle (Jet Fog)
• Central Hand and Shoulder Strap
• Dimensions: 490mm x 650mm
• Colour: Yellow