Interspiro manufactures & supports cutting edge Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, such as the “Easy Clean” Incurve unit. This advanced Firefighting SCBA set gives the wearer superior safety, unrivalled back plate comfort, built-in mask communication options and the unique “Fresh Air Hatch” system.

The Interspiro Firefighting Catalog

A product overview for the range of firefighting equipment offered

Easy Clean: our unique cleaning concept
Clean gear saves lives.
Easy Clean is our brand new unique concept for safe, fast and effective cleaning of the Interspiro products

SPIROMATIC 90U is an entry level breathing apparatus (SCBA) for fire fighting, excellent for industrial and maritime environments. Spiromatic 90U is built upon the proven and reliable S-facemask/breathing valve and plug-in regulator, delivering Interspiro performance at a competitive price.