Fire Fighting Arm Cooler Harness

Beat heat stress and speed up recovery by hand and forearm water immersion

Reduce Core Body Temperature Fast!

Combat Fire Fighter heat stress with the only small, compact,
low cost and portable Fire Fighter arm immersion cooling
product on the market.

Studies have found that forearm immersion in temperate
water is more effective in lowering core body temperature
than passive cooling, mist sprays or cooling vests.

The patented Harcor Arm Cooler Harness has been designed
and developed by Fire Fighters for Fire Fighters.

The small and compact design of the Harcor Arm Cooler
Harness means Fire Fighters can reduce their core body
temperature almost anywhere, at a staging area, on the
fire ground, in any urban or rural situation.

Features include:

• Extremely small and compact when rolled up and
folded away.

• Requires minimal space on fire fighting appliances.

• Can be used almost anywhere, sitting in a chair and
leaning up against a wall, a tree, etc.

• The unique design on the main strap enables the
harness to fit or hang onto many types of fold away
camping type chairs.

• Ideal for rural fire fighters, on the fire ground, when
rehab breaks are taken, etc.

• Reinforced base resists wear and tear.

• Padded neck strap.

• Adjustable webbing strap allows the harness to be
adjustable to anyones size.

• Easy to install and remove plastic bags, providing a
hygienically clean harness after each use.

•Hi Vis reflective strips make the harness visible at

Forearm and hand submersion method proves to be the best!
Numerous studies from around the world including Australia
Canada, US and the UK, show the significant advantage of
arm cooling over ice packs, cooling vests, misting and other forms
of passive cooling.
Reference Material: The Management of Heat Stress for the Fire
Fighter: A Review of Work Conducted on Behalf of the Toronto Fire
Service Tom M. McLELLAN and Glen A. SELKIRK

Proven to be the best cooling method


Reduce Core Body Temperature Fast Video