The 817 Firestorm goggle is a low profile safety goggle with all the features you need come to expect in a goggle.
The swivel hinge together with an adjustable length strap enables you go get that perfect fit.

The 803 Fire Fighter has been designed for maximum comfort in extreme heat conditionsand fireenvironments. The Fire Fighter is constructed using comfort padding to ensure your eyes are protected from stray particules as well as protection from splash.

The 109 Frontline goggle has been tested and certified to be suitable for use in high temperature and fire conditions. It is also certified for splash resistance, hot solids resistance, molten metal, and above all else, with medium impact protection. The 109 Frontline comes with an adjustable length elastic strap which swivels at the hinge to provide that comfort fit.

Scorch Goggles are a helmet mounted secondary eye protection solution for wildland firefighters and rescue workers.Double strap goggles for mounting on a Pacific branded wildland or rescue helmet. Traditional goggle mounts supplied with each pair of goggles. Universal rail mounts available (sold separately).