InterFire Agencies is very pleased to announce our distribution of Openhouse Products within Australia.
Openhouse Products are the leading of manufacturer of Bags, Cases, Packs for the Emergency Services and Health sector across the UK. They supply a large range of off the shelf bags, medical equipment and consumables, as well as supporting mining and the police sectors.

Innovations from Openhouse Products, such as the infection control material of micrAgard, will place Openhouse products as market leaders within the Medical & Emergency Response fields.

We look forward to introducing the new 2021 range to our line-up of quality and trusted products.
InterFire Agencies for all your emergency response requirements.

micrAgard has been confirmed by independent testing to be 99.09% effective against Covid. Using micrAgard products therefore not only offers protection but also helps to prevent the spread of this disease.

Environmentally Friendly
As well as preventing the cross-contamination of bacteria, this is a non-rot, UV stable material meaning it can be recycled.

Water Resistant
micrAgard™ repels fluids which helps keep the internal equipment safe and dry.

Bacteria cannot live on the surface of the material, thus preventing the spread of illness and infection.

Infection Control

micrAgard™ minimises cross-contamination of bacteria. Download our booklet below to learn how much of a difference you can make by using micrAgard™, and how using PVC materials instead can be detrimental to your infection control efforts.

Industry Supply
Along with supplying the medical industry, Openhouse supplies the airline industry. As a result, as well as being anti-microbial to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria, all our micrAgard products also meet the CAA and EASA standards for being flame-retardant.

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micrAgard™ Booklet

micrAgard™ Cleaning Recommendations

Specialist solutions come as standard at Openhouse.

Our passion for bespoke solutions and innovative designs has continued to grow over the last twenty years, ensuring that we are still leaders in the textile manufacturing industry. Every one of our products is designed to offer lasting comfort, quality and durability, even in the most demanding of circumstances.

Our dedicated UK based Design and Production Teams are experienced in working with a large range of materials. From automated cutting to computerised sewing and welding, we can tailor your product exactly to your requirements, right down to the fine details like fixtures and graphics.

Our relentless drive to improve our service has led us to many innovations including our lightweight, super-strength, dual-sided micrAgard material – a groundbreaking development in the fight against cross contamination.

micrAgard™ Booklet

micrAgard™ Colour Swatches