Complete chain rescue kit with all necessary materials to ensure a safe and fast chain rescue

The high-performance chains (quality class 12) are particularly light in weight and have square chain links, which ensure an extreme grip, when wrapping car columns.

The 3 m long chains can be adjusted in length by a shortening hook (with securing bolts)

Designed for use on a 50 kN winch!

Including weight blanket for better visibility of the steel cable and for protection against straining

Packed in 2 transport cases (front and rear of the car)


Weight          45,5 kg

Part no.          1084562



For better visibility of tensioned winch cables, especially at night and in poor weather and visibility conditions

Just put the weight blanket over the steel cable and fix it with integrated magnets

Due to the weight of the blanket, possible whipping and striking from a tearing steel cable is significantly reduced (cable falls to the ground)

Therefore the immediate danger area is reduced (blanket in the middle of the cable)

Made of tear-resistant Cordura, including 2 reflector stripes and an abrasion protector

Informs to keep a safe distance in German and English

Weight          1,5 kg

Part no.          1084561